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The main thing that keeps me coming back to SL is my love for my family.  “How do you get a family in SL?” you may ask.  There are many ways but for me it started just over 2 years ago.  I was at Tadd’s Cabaret with my then BF.  His son came to me and asked if I would be his dad.  I had not even heard of this in SL but thought “why not?”.  I gave it a chance.  I took Lexas Landar as my son and a little more than 2 years later he is still my son.  The relationship with his other dad ended shortly after.

During the next 2 years I had a few other sons but for various reasons they are no longer with me.  After several months away from SL myself, I returned in late summer.  I decided that family was not what I wanted so I decided to live on Paradise Beach to make it even harder for me to have a family.  Well, this lasted all of about 2 weeks.  Being single I was realizing how much I was missing the family life.  So I purchased some land, got a house big enough for me and a son and headed off to MAW (Making Adoption Wishes Come True Agency) and Next Gen to see if there were any teen boys looking for a dad.  OK, stop the perverted thoughts, it is strictly father and son.  🙂

At this time I met my son Wyatt Latte Jameson (yes, he took my last name).  We went through process the agency has including the trial period and 7 days later, he became my 2nd son.

A couple weeks later, I met another guy that was looking for a father.  This was a little different from all I had adopted in the past.  Garrett Ceriano was an adult looking for a father.  We talked alot and then I talked to Wyatt and we decided to start the process with Garrett.  7 days later I had added to my family once again.

With all of this, I still new something was missing.  I was still a single father.  It was not all bad by no means but I still got lonely.  I asked a special friend of mine to go out with me on New Year’s Eve.  We had been friends for over a year.  He had given me his soul to become a vampire (that will be another post).  We realized how much we did care about one another and how much we loved each.  Just after midnight, January 1, 2012, Scotty Everett asked me to marry him and on March 24, 2012 we will be married.

We had the makings of a great family in SL.

My Family

Not long after Scotty & I were engaged, we met Benjamin Finn through my son Garrett.  I chatted with Ben and one thing lead to another in chatting and I asked Ben if he had ever considered being adopted.  I talked it over with Scotty and we decided we wanted him to be a part of our family.  This was not an easy time.  There were misunderstandings and my stubborness(yes I admit it, I can be stubborn) but we were able to work through everything.  I strongly believe that trials can make you stronger and the same thing can work for a group pf people.  Today, January 23, Ben is officially a member of our family.

Ben & Dad

While having a family in SL is such an added part of the SL experience, it is not without it’s trials.  Just like in RL, families will have disagreements and will need to work through threm.  We do strive to be the best family we can be.

Now you know how my family came to be.  They are a vital part of my SL. I could not love my sons any more than if they were my real sons.  If you have a problem with them, that is OK but if I hear you trashing them or hurting them in any way, you have have me to answer to.  If you have any questions on adopting or the agencies, please fell free to conact me inworld.





Second Life is a virtual world that allows almost anything that can be imagined.  You can be a child again, you can marry the person you love regardless of whether it is a different sex or same sex marriage.  You can be a vampire, lycan, animal or even a fairy.  You are only limited by your imagination.

I came to SL in October, 2007.  Now before you go looking at my profile and say I didn’t start until February, 2008, my original avi was Funkycwby Nightfire.  When I entered this wonderful world as Funky, I added meaning to the term “noob”.  I couldn’t walk & ran into everyone.  I had a dear friend take me under his wings and helped me with what I needed to make a presentable avi. introduced me to people and even helped me get my first SL home.  It was through this I a friend asked me if I would be interested in playing Tiny Empires.   As I increased in rank in Tiny Empires, I realized I often needed a lower ranking avi to help with new people playing so that is when Gracin Jameson was born.  Gracin was just the lowly alt for much of the next 2 years.  At that time, Funky’s handler decided he was tired of being called “Funky”.  This was before the new display names so he decided it was time to bring Gracin to the forefront and relegate Funky to just an inventory keeper.

Since taking over Funky’s life, I have really come alive in SL.  In this blog, I plan to share some of my past experience, things going on in my life and who knows what I may throw your way.  I just hope I can keep it excitiing for you.

I am new to blogging so we will learn to about this together.  I want to share my adventures, love & family in Second Life.  Be sure to keep checking back regularly for new posts and be sure to post a comment and let me know what you think.